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Flatpack Assembly Space

Adequate assembly space is crucial to build any flat-pack furniture correctly and professionally.
You would be surprised how many flat pieces are packed in a small box with many different types of fittings and fixtures, needs to be assembled.

To build a flatpack furniture requires extra space, then the actual furniture size itself. For example, there should be a minimum of 60cm walking space available around the product, when assembled lying flat.

Some of the flat pack furniture (e.g sliding doors Wardrobe) is not even possible to build, if there is not enough clear space available.

Following images could be helpful to understand the space requirements, before you consider buying or start building a flat-pack. Please select the type of furniture needs to be build.

Wardrobe Assembly

Sliding Door Wardrobe | Wardrobe Assembly Lying Down | Standing / Vertical Assembly
Making of sliding door wardrobe, video
Day-Bed Assembly Space | Office Furniture Assembly | Shelving Unit Assembly | Sofa Assembly | Storage-Bed Assembly
Chest-of-Drawers Assembly | TV/Media Storage Assembly

Typically sliding doors come in kit form » Image ». Each door has more than 100 unbelievable components; which needs to be assembled on site. Usually it takes our fitters about 20 to 30 minutes per door to build. Space restriction may extend assembly duration.

Assembling Modular Wardrobe Frame

Assembling Sliding Door Frame

Assembling Sliding Door

Assembling Pax Sliding Door Wardrobes

Standing Wardrobe Assembly

Wardrobe Assembly Lying Down

Day-Bed Assembly

Brimnes Storage Day-Bed

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Office Furniture Assembly

Galant Office Furniure

Shelving Unit Assembly

Expedit Shelving Unit

2/3 Seat Sofa Assembly

Karlstad 3 Seat Sofa

Storage Bed Assembly

Brimnes Storage Bed

Chest-of-Drawers Assembly

Hemnes Chest-of-Drawers

Media Storage System Assembly

Besta Storage System

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Wardrobe Assembly Video

Making of IKEA Pax Anstad Sliding Door Wardrobe

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